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             start at the beginning.


at the very beginning.

good morning.

who are you?

why are you really here?

are you here to leave a legacy of good?
are you here to make an impact with something
big, meaningful and positive?

are you here to be a model to your children,
family, friends or coworkers?

are you here to become a success?

are you here to create success for someone else?

do you have a bucket list?

what if you died tomorrow?

business or brand strategy anyone?

now think.

if what you do at work
isn’t going to make this world
better, more beautiful, more happy, more peaceful,
more prosperous, more pleasant, more wise

or more inspired,

and if you’re not,

at very least,

going to try to do


that will become the highlight of someone’s day,




just maybe


go back to bed.


and start over.


at the very beginning.


or stay at work

and start out at our very beginning.



                                                     – paul macfarlane


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