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oh no, we’re going to talk about love.


love is why we get up in the morning.

love is why we care.

love is what we feel for our clients,

their staff,




and vendors.

and love

(yes, love)

is, above all,

what we feel for the people

who will see, read, touch, hear and feel our thinking and work in all its manifestations and effect.

we love ourselves.

we love our work.

we love this world.

yet how strange. 

that we have to mention that.

but take our word for it.
and don’t assume some other consultancy, agency or shop
loves all that we love. 

love is there, or it isn’t.

love shows, or it doesn’t.




     do you believe in love?


or maybe at least you believe in like?


we are the 1101 experiment.

global, Fortune 500 – experienced
business and brand consultants.
consultants with an aim.


an aim to work in partnership
with your business or brand,
via one deep question,
one inspiring insight,
one beautiful, socially audacious idea at a time. ​


all to help build your maximum
financial, ethical, social and cultural growth.


we have a simple credo:

we want our thinking and work
to be the absolute highlight of any person’s day.

we want our thinking and work to inspire,
touch and motivate human beings
with truth, goodness, love, emotional depth
and enduring meaning.


love isn’t unique, but we are.


we are the 1101 experiment.

passionate, deeply experienced global business and brand consultants, thinkers and doers in all media.

we get people excited, involved and enthused

for something deeply true in your business.


something beautiful, breakthrough and real.


something human.

something with endless, positive ripple effects

just waiting to make your business and brand

the hero of the world. 

just decide right now,

that you want to make someone’s day.
every day.
with everything you are and do

and then you win.

(especially if we help you do the things you do
and we do the things we love.)



                                                     – paul macfarlane


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