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             the problem.


(or whatever you want to call it today)
is still largely forgettable, ugly, insulting
and empty of any human meaning, or significance.
it’s not even worthy of our minimal attention
(digital or otherwise).


so let’s cut the crap right now. you know it is.

and sorry, but there’s a 98.9% chance
we’re talking about yours, too.


we fault both businesses and agencies
for a lack of the best possible thinking and vision.
we see a serious, widespread lack of craft,
care and love for the world in the plans, processes,
strategic models, ideas, final product and experiences.



which is partly why people, especially the younger ones, don’t follow or value brands like they used to.


so yeah, even after 17 years, we still absolutely loathe almost everything our industry does.


but take heart.

it gets better from here.




                the solution.


we are the 1101 experiment.

global, Fortune 500 – experienced
business and brand consultants.
consultants with an aim.


an aim to work in partnership
with your business or brand,
via one deep question,
one inspiring insight,
one beautiful, socially audacious idea at a time. ​


all to help build your maximum
financial, ethical, social and cultural growth.


we have a simple credo:

we want our thinking and work
to be the absolute highlight of any person’s day.

we want our thinking and work to inspire,
touch and motivate human beings
with truth, goodness, emotional depth
and enduring meaning.
even if that human being is on the toilet.

tell the truth.

you skipped ahead to read this paragraph.

well, that was actually a very good idea.

because here’s exactly what we’re all about:

our thinking and work always produces

something simple, deeply human, provocative and meaningful that produces huge growth and scale and endless, positive, ripple effects, 
both inside
and outside your business and brand. 

we will definitely confound and possibly infuriate
your competition.




           what’s in it for you?


clarity, consensus and focus.
growth, scale, profit and rapt public enthusiasm
for your business and brand.
“ah ha!” and “et voila!” over and over again.

we can improve your business plans and models
to create increased growth and scale by owning
a fresh, powerful space in society and culture.

we can make your internal employee culture
more inspired, happy, healthy and inclusive,
bringing you more positive, collaborative energy, effectiveness and public social appeal.

we can make your brand strategy more powerfully
human, emotional and true to your internal employee culture – which it had better be.

we can provide highly disruptive tactical ideas
to differentiate, stand out and break through in
any media, place or space in life.

all to create true social enthusiasm and growth
based on your business and brand’s
focused, positive, enduring meaning in the world.

we work with businesses, brands, agencies,
CEOs, COOs and CMOs.
however, our own business cards carry no such titles.
we hope that’s not a problem.

and let’s be clear.

we are not a production house or data mining entity.
we don’t have rows of people copying, pasting and
sharing content online.





         so why only us?
and maybe
why not us at all?


our strategic and innovation experience
includes the largest global brands and businesses,

entrepreneurial start-ups, governments,
NGOs and employee cultures of all sizes.

we’re fast, deep, deadly serious, passionate and
committed to your enduring success and growth
– that is, as long as you share our values.

and we are not for the timid.

we will be happy to share case studies
and selected samples of our thinking,
where we are permitted to do so by our clients. ​ ​

last, if you like what we are saying and believe
we can help your business and brand grow, contact us.

or if you’re in a critical hurry, maybe even try this.
we’ll happily think and work our tails off
for your total success.


or if you don’t like what we are saying, then don’t.
life is too short.




                                                     – paul macfarlane


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