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need freelance help?

paul macfarlane

or assuming you’re in a hurry 314.398.1453

copywriting, design

and all-around awesome thinking in any media

for ad agencies, design firms, corporations and small business.


fast and really, really, good.

how fastI already finished it.


how really, really good?

well, really, really good enough for:

 anheuser-busch, apple, audi, daimler-ag,

the city of aspen, enterprise, levi-strauss,

manchester united, mcdonald’s, mercedes-benz,

microsoft, nato, nissan, puma, ralston-purina,

the republic of tea, smartcar, st. louis post-dispatch,

us state department, the united nations, volvo, xtra lease

and (literally) a few hundred agencies, corporations, brands
and businesses around the world.


words and other things that move, inspire, sell and make people’s day. 

awards you can’t count and stories you won’t believe.
or assuming you’re in a hurry 314.398.1453


note: this is a special, hidden page on my own agency’s site. 
so don’t contact me from any other page

or the price will go way up.


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