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paradigm changes

Talk to us about success, success, success.


success x 3

We measure success in three critical categories.

A Fortune 50 global brand has the opportunity to do more and be more than ever before.

And the world welcomes any brand or entity of any size that delivers on all three.

  1. financial

    • Financial success is still the first and most important step, because we still have to make a tidy profit to continue to do what we do. That hasn't changed much over the decades. Plus, the value of the positive effect we both create in the world has no limit.

  2. ethical

    • Good PR used to be enough to get the public to think whatever you wanted them to think about you. But today, anyone can find out just about anything about any company – online, from any independent journalist/blogger to the myriad review sites such as tripadvisor.com. In fact, user reviews (using the original Amazon model) are key social indicators where today, we trust and buy from the recommendations of experts and fellow enthusiasts.

      So, in short, do the right thing and be seen doing it. Don't just say you're doing the right thing. Do the right thing - boldly, publicly, beautifully - and the opinions will spread. Do the right thing with your processes, systems, services, and effects. We will all benefit and fly your flag for you.

  3. cultural

    • This is a build-up process, from necessary financial success, to necessary ethical success to ideal cultural success. This is where your good work succeeds by taking root in society. This is where you largely have to let it go. People will play with your brand, spoof it, mock it, mix it, mash it and copy it. Globally, good work will beget more good work on a wider scale.

      Done right and done well, all that we do together will bloom in countless ways and will always come back to you in revenue, acclaim and more. It starts with a decision to do more and to be more than you ever thought your brand could be.

      We help guide your brand, entity, cause, or organization into multi-dimensional abundance via these three levels of success in the 21st century.

paradigm changes

global manufacturing: connect the dots

It’s a fact of business (and a fact of life) that there are no global standards of living or economics. But you have products that the world demands in its hands – yesterday, and at a competitive price.

How can you improve on things as they are?

  1. recognize

    • Recognize that although the world's economy differs from country to country and that different cultures look at labor differently, people are people and people are always curious about people.

  2. identify

    • Identify opportunities to ensure the factories are humane, healthy and that all workers are treated how you would want your children to be treated.

  3. invite the world inside

    • Use any combination of technology, the media, third-party inspectors and popular culture to tell a human story of the people who manufacture and assemble your products.

  4. use available tools

    • Use your own packaging, marketing, web site, social sites and the products themselves to invite users to read, watch, learn and communicate with the factory workers and their community, indirectly and directly.

  5. the benefits

    • Assuming your factory conditions and human rights issues are positive, healthy and just, adopting this new paradigm diversifies the conversation from ongoing workers’ conditions questions to the good work you do to raise awareness of humans, formerly anonymous and invisible.

      Your end users become aware of your greater sensitivity and for giving them a modern window into a world not seen before and builds a deeper, emotional connection to your products.

    • Let us show you the way.

paradigm changes

Talk to us about the brand that is your inner culture.


heightened inner culture as the brand

The old paradigm says employees are largely an invisible force to support the company and hold it up from the inside, to make it go.

Today, social media has blurred the line between employees and public, between private and corporate. It's time to seize a key energy.

  1. interview

    • Get to know the deepest emotions, desires, values, life goals, fears, dreams and more of your employees, managers and service professionals in a safe environment of trust, curiosity and true interest.

  2. identify

    • What you’ll likely discover is a commonality and deep harmony on all levels. Or conversely you may quickly find those energy blockages in departments or divisions that need deeper investigative work or eventual reassignment.

  3. empower

    • Let your employees know this is no mere corporate exercise, but a key step toward a more successful organization in the world. Communicate using every internal tool available that this is a great new journey and all are invited.

  4. connect

    • Connect your employees’ personal goals, values, dreams and desires to the overall brand’s. This critical transformation often requires the reverse–connecting your global brand to the values, goals, dreams and desires of your employees. But however the positive, true connection is made, exciting things happen. And tremendous success beckons.

  5. publicize

    • Make this new (or improved) cultural energy the brand promise, the world’s window into your brand. Because almost always, the customer experience manifests most indelibly through a direct connection with an employee - in–person, on the phone or online. The days of mere brand image masks are rapidly changing via immediate customer reviews and opinions that influence thousands every hour.

  6. open up

    • Let the world inside via every marketing tool at your command, to experience the truth of your brand socially, tangibly, personally, directly. This experience can be a store, a song, a game, a film, a physical journey, a book, a festival, a social movement, cause, sponsored charity, invention or even an ad. What's more, opening up in this way will change your brand from a mere edifice or outdated marketing promise to a truthful, direct, human experience and an intimate, emotional vibration that builds powerful fans and active enthusiasts for your brand around the world.

    • Let us show you the way.



To achieve these 21st century goals of financial, ethical and cultural success, we provide services, including, but not limited to:

  • Business strategies, processes and plans
  • Creative Concepts in all media known (and unknown)
  • Production, Direction of all media tactics
  • Internal Culture: Assessment, training, inspiration towards major positive paradigm changes
  • Social movements: physical and online
  • Music composition and performance
  • Speaking, presentations
  • Government, community and public peace plans
  • Product and store design and planning
  • Mobile app designs and marketing
  • Partnerships: industry, community, social, global, local
  • We ask questions.
  • We introduce challenging notions.
  • We believe in success, great abundance and a global view on everything we do.
  • You?

Talk to us about why we do what we do.


client, industry experience

  • Telecommunications

    • Southwestern Bell Wireless, AT&T, First Cellular, Alltel, revol wireless
  • Fashion

    • Levi-Strauss, UP
  • Automotive/Transportation

    • smart car/Daimler-Chrysler, Volvo, The KEY, XTRA lease
  • Food/Beverage

    • The Republic of Tea, Anheuser-Busch, Hostess, McDonald’s
  • High Technology

    • AMD Technology, motion matters, Loc8pro™
  • Sports Teams

    • Manchester United FC
  • Civic, Governmental

    • City of Aspen, Colorado, Afghanistan initiatives/USAID, The Aspen Institute, Aspen International Mountain Foundation
  • Education

    • Colorado Mountain College, St. Louis Community College
  • Financial

    • Scottrade, Citizens’ Bank
  • Travel

    • XL Travel, Missouri Division of Tourism
  • Health & Healing

    • SSM Health Care, CMR Sessions, Aspen Club, Beyond Massage Aspen, St Louis T’ai Chi Ch’uan Association
  • Social Services

    • Mentor St Louis, YTEC, Sierra Club, Missouri Wildlife Center

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paul macfarlane and the experiment

As a strategist, writer, designer, producer, director, actor, musician, performer, teacher, trainer and speaker, creative marketing was a potentially ideal career for Paul.

Yet after years of winning dozens of global creativity awards with various agencies, Paul gave up the awards pursuit and became a professional human being. Paul launched the experiment in 2001, focusing on bringing top-level strategy, creativity and multi-dimensional success to global brands, but with an added emphasis on positive ethical and social opportunities. Paul's thinking has been published worldwide and has predicted many global cultural shifts long before they happened.

Paul leads a mastermind network of friends, colleagues and multi-talented professionals from around the world who are strategists, writers, artists, web, social and interactive specialists, who are involved on all client work.

Talk to Paul.


case studies

Read these. These are not ordinary agency success claims.

work samples to see work

  • The KEY (Oklahoma City, OK USA) 2011 – present
    • Business strategies
      • placeholder
    • We worked with a visionary CEO to forever change what a car dealership meant, looked like, acted like and felt like. We decided to be more, to do more and affect customers, vendors, partners and the larger community in massive, new, positive ways.

    • Corporate culture/training
      • placeholder
      • placeholder
      • placeholder
      • placeholder
      • placeholder
    • We helped a staff of over 70 people connect their personal dreams, fears, goals, passions and desires to each other and to the new company we were creating collaboratively.

    • Merchandise design
      • Free Hugs
      • Free Hugs Back
    • Our initial “Free Hugs” shirts are quite popular. You can get one too.

    • Videos
    • A direct riposte to all other car ads while claiming the high ground of humanity, honesty, goodwill and emotion. A direct conversation with the public. The client demanded Paul be the on-camera spokesperson. We also created the best infomercial ever for a local car dealership.

    • Web/social communities and events
    • online, the natural energy of the KEY staff shines bright. No selling. Just demonstrating a better way to be. A hidden page on the larger site is an educational/inspirational/motivational home where customers with life or financial issues can get jumpstarted.

  • motion matters (Washington DC, USA and Kabul, Afghanistan) 2009
    • Peace plans
      • Peace plans
    • We wrote a tactical plan for the State Department, Defense Department and the Afghanistan government. Sorry but you can’t see it here. Yet. Because it’s good. Maybe the best idea we’ve ever pitched.

  • City of Aspen (Colorado, USA) 2009-present
    • Civic strategies and social actions
      • Aspen Adopt a Tourist Logo
      • Aspen Adopt a Tourist Flyer
    • Adopt A Tourist was our idea shortly after becoming Aspen-based. It pairs gregarious locals with visitors to get discount deals in town and to experience Aspen as a local instead of as a tourist. In a few months, we got worldwide press and over 400 AAT visitors and over 60 locals involved. We’re also consulting on the city’s plastic bag ban initiative and tap water campaign.

  • Southwestern Bell Wireless (St. Louis, MO USA) 1994-2000
    • Business strategies
      • Southwestern Bell Wireless
      • Southwestern Bell Wireless
      • Southwestern Bell Wireless
    • When asked to create a letter to a rural area customer list announcing a change in carrier service, we gave them this instead. Tech crews and sales rejoiced. Customers framed pages of this solution.

      When asked to develop an employee Do The Right Thing campaign to bring out the best in go beyond service, we dressed all staff offices in these positive debate images.

  • CMR (Nevada City, CA USA) 2006
    • Print
      • placeholder
      • placeholder
      • placeholder
    • A world-renowned healing professional Luis Diaz asked us for a series of materials to help attract locals to his seminars. The last thing people want to talk about is pain, so that's the first thing we talked about.

    • Video
  • Levi-Strauss (San Francisco, CA USA) 2006
    • Strategic plans
      • placeholder
      • placeholder
      • placeholder
    • After a serendipitous meeting at an Ethical Corporation Conference we attended, we put together a huge, holistic plan for a proposed launch of organic cotton jeans

  • The Republic of Tea (Novato, CA) 1999
    • Trade advertising
      • The Republic of Tea
    • The Republic’s products are beautiful and somewhat unusual. Our work always strove to match them.

  • UP 1999
    • Brochure
      • placeholder
      • placeholder
      • placeholder
      • placeholder
      • placeholder
    • A Puma™ Executive asked us to create a look, tone and personality for an Ultimate Frisbee line of gear. We chose historic reverence and authority.

  • smart car (Montvale, NJ USA) 2000
    • USA launch plans
      • placeholder
    • We produced deep, multi-faceted brand a product ideas for a planned USA launch based on our research, strategies and concepts. We received the ultimate compliment by being told we knew more about the car than they did.

  • Xtra Lease (St. Louis, MO USA) 1999
    • Trade advertising
      • placeholder
    • XTRA leases truck trailers to industry. Our marketing was bold, different simple and direct. And successful.

  • Non-profits:
    • When given the chance to do something we feel will benefit the many or the underserved, they receive the same intelligence, passion and love that a global brand does.

    • Mentor St Louis 2004 Brochure, web image
      • Mentor St Louis
      • Mentor St Louis
    • Missouri Wildlife Rescue Center Posters
      • Missouri Wildlife Rescue Center