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Any problem, anywhere


We love solving problems.
But resolving them is even better.
And the ultimate challenge is to truly dissolve problems.

Business problems, marketing problems, product or service problems, political problems, organisational problems, workforce problems, cultural problems, financial problems, social problems of literally any scope, size or complexity in the world.

Any problem. Anywhere.

"The best business presentation I've ever seen.
You know more about the product than we do."

Scott Keogh
General Manager smart division of Mercedes Benz USA

We've worked with and provided research, strategy, insights, cultural/workforce inspiration and multi-media creative innovations for global brands such as Anheuser-Busch, Nissan, Levi-Strauss, Puma, Daimler-Chrysler, Volvo, Manchester United, international government projects and dozens of regional brands, services and entrepreneurs. We've produced music, film, books, new business and product ideas and written international peace plans.

And we want MORE.


Humility be damned


Some clients call us marketing consultants or business strategists.
We are also known and valued as writers, artists, philosophers, musicians and inspirers.

But most of all, we have a burning desire to be the most brilliant thinkers and fearless problem solvers in the world.
We have an obsessive, all-consuming drive to serve this world in the most massive, effective, positive, enduring ways possible. From global brand successes to world peace – and everything in between.

The 1101 Experiment brings inspired thought and action to add light, meaning, value, love and beauty to global business, culture and life. We bring holistic solutions, resolutions and dissolutions, instilled with a world view towards a better, happier, healthier, more harmonious, abundant life for all.

Never use the word "impossible" around us.

A fair warning from Richard Branson:

"If an opportunity doesn’t excite me, and if it’s not something through which I can make a difference in the world while having a lot of seriously creative fun, then I’d rather pass on it and move along to something else that does interest me."

We steadfastly, absolutely refuse to engage in any opportunities where the ordinary, average, expected, closed-minded "we've always done it this way" attitudes prevail. Not at any price.

The world is aching for new ideas and new solutions. Life is far too short for us to compromise on our values and vision.




We agree with Earl.

"Success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal."

– Earl Nightingale

Our work is designed to achieve three interrelated levels of 21st Century global success: Prosperity, Virtue and Compassion.

This means we'll work with you in creating and bringing significance, meaning and value wherever it's lacking – in brands, businesses, communities, nations and life itself.

"Of all the "vendor" relationships I have had, Paul's would be the most cherished. As a marketer, you have a social responsibility to be genuine, kind, and compassionate. I have the highest level of respect for Paul and everything The 1101 Experiment represents, stands for and delivers."

Matt Owens
VP/Marketing CustomerExperience SI Wireless

We'll be committed to your enduring financial gains, promoting our common, positive values and spreading a tangible sense of universal love and understanding anywhere it's needed. Sometimes, fun is the answer. Sometimes, drama is the key. You'll prosper, you'll be seen doing the right thing and you'll be celebrated and magnified with social enthusiasm for your positive effects in the world.



Positive innovation for the world.
And for your world.

The 1101 Experiment exists most powerfully in a new space, between a brand's business plans and marketing plans. Or in the intimate confines of a CEO's visionary realm. And in the situations and places in the world where ideas are essential and urgently needed to solve and transmute huge, frustrating problems and conflicts.

We provide the most value in the fenceless space of untapped possibility, where seemingly incongruent opposites can flower into remarkable beauty. This is where insights become innovative and successful ideas.

Any campaign or tactic can be produced in any media via our worldwide colleagues and partners.

"Everything turned out great. I've never seen the staff so inspired and happy and people are loving the 1101 Experiment's new work."

Bill Haegele
Nissan St Louis

We are Jonas Bergvall and Paul MacFarlane.

Let's Make a Difference.

Hire The 1101 Experiment today and let’s create something meaningful, valuable and beautiful in your business, your brand, your organisation, your community and your world. Positive innovation for the world.

Any problem. Anywhere.

For new projects, press enquiries, partnerships, examples and testimonials:
Jonas, Sweden +46 72-233 30 53
Paul, USA +1 314 3981453

Jonas Bergvall

Jonas provides the

“Aha! moment”

He is an intuitive, deep thinker, ethnographer, philosopher, business strategist and more.

Paul MacFarlane

Paul supplies the

“Et voilá! experience”

He is a strategist, world-class idea genius, writer, artist, speaker, teacher/trainer and more.